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Signature Abuja: The Family-centric Facility That Spells Love

I am not usually fascinated by pubs, bars and clubs for obvious reasons, being that I have built a value system that keeps  me away from harm and from every place that won't add value to me ooo. So I was so impressed when I got to SIGNATURE at the invitation of the owners with other Bloggers in Abuja and saw they had training room, fine dinning and restaurant, bush bar with local delicacies, spa and gym, board room, lounge and VIP place for marriage bet I loved that last part. Lol
We played WHOTcard too and it was so fun with that adrenalin effect that comes by not wanting to be cheated  by the rules. Bloggers in Abuja are always great company any day...
Signature is ideal for lovers, families and even lone tourists as the staff are always on hand to welcome you and showyouu around. Of particular interest to me was the clean environment and the tasty meals. Situated easily behind off Aminu Kano road Wise 2 Abuja, it is worth a visit.
When the place opened …

How Much Should You Tell Your Wife?

Speaker A: It's not every matter that a real man discusses with his wife because women may not akways understand and it is better to handle things as a man. A man is supposed to take decisions and act like a leader he is, in order to retain his respect and control of his home.

Speaker B:  No way! A wife is a help to a man, so the easier he is able to access her 'help' always, the better for his life and mental health and guarantees how long he lives sef. A wife should not be in the dark about issues that maybe family and friends know about a man. If that is the case, what is the essence of getting married at all.
Also when things go wrong, won't she be the chief sufferer? And then your own children too. Where did we learn this attitude from sef? What does Marriage mean to us?

Speaker A: Well, me I don talk my own finish...
Boss, which of these speakers echo your values?  Let us discuss

Exclusive: What Pastor GoodHeart Ekwueme Had To Say About His Resignation From House on the Rock - The Epistle

Yea, I am quickly reminded about the Epistles by the Apostles in the Bible and I am excited to share one from a modern day Christian with you.

In a 4-page letter, my Pastor, Goodheart Ekwueme explains in details why he had to resign from House on the Rock and the next step.

Jordanian Senator Abu-Ghazaleh Says Women Are Superior To Men , Do you agree?

HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, chairman of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) and the man who is also a selected senator from Jordan have said that women are the centre of life as one half of the world's human population are women while the other half where born by women. He supports women so fiercely that he reiterated and concluded among other things that "what is required is not the empowerment of women by men, but that it is required to empower men to accept the fact that women are equal if not superior. "

Becoming a Better Marketer: Understanding the Top Six Human Needs

Most  people  hate  to  be  wrong.  They  hate  to  make  a  statement and be proven wrong days later, take a guess and find its incorrect,  make a decision and  then  be  proved wrong or perhaps even take the blame, make a request for a raise and be turned down.
They  donʼt  like  to  buy  the  wrong  car,  vote  for the  wrong  candidate,  wear  the  wrong  type of shoes. So often times they may rather choose to do NOTHING. But as a marketer you cannot let that happen. So you learn about the basic human needs and once you discover what motivates them, press that button over and over until they jump-start.

Why Pastor Goodheart Ekwueme Resigned From House on the Rock Church in Abuja

I have been in pains!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice, I put up my pastor and coach's picture last weekend because I was heart broken.
He is Pastor Goodheart Ekwueme, the outgone (as much as I hate to use that) resident pastor of my local assembly in Abuja. I and all those who knows him, are going to miss him soooooooo much, it hurts.

How GTBank is Redefining Corporate Social Responsibility - Press Release

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) developed alongside the emergence of corporations more than a century ago and is now practiced by most companies and institutions around world. While corporations may vary in their level of commitment to CSR, their practice is largely focused on corporate philanthropy such as donating to charities, supporting causes or sponsoring individuals, groups and programmes. However, some companies, intent on making their CSR impact more effective, are rethinking this approach. Among these companies is Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) plc, a leading African financial institution headquartered in Nigeria and spread across sub-Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom.

Laurel Resources USA and Cross River State Government Brings GOLF, Health and Wellness Summit (GOHWELLS)

Laurel Resources LLC, USA and LaurelGabe Solutions Int'l Ltd, Nigeria in Partnership with the office of the Wife of the Cross River State Governor, and Mediatrix Development Foundation, is set to organize a " GOHWELLS 2016:  Golf Health & Wellness Summit for Professional and Entrepreneurial Women in Africa"

The programme, which will be a novelty of event that is billed to revitalize, re-energize, and re-orientate the mind of our people, especially the women and African girl-child towards creating Continental and Global Wealth, in order to boost the African Economy will be explored.