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The Abuja Charity Carnival and the Cause for Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria + Photos

It was a busy day in Abuja, Nigeria's Federal capital as the Abuja Charity Carnivalheld colourfully. Being a carnival set up to raise funds and relief materials for Internally displaced Nigerians from the Boko Haram Insurgencies as well as other insurgency victims, it achieved its objectives by pulling tons of people who came to support the initiative.

Nollywood Star, Charles Awurum to Debut Magic Lens Film Academy Awards in Abuja Today

After a lot of high powered planning, consultations and investment by Nollywood Actor Charles Awurum and his Magic Lens film crew, I am happy to invite you to be my guest at the MAAFA awards taking place at the NAF Conference centre Abuja today.
The award will appreciate individuals and organisations who have invested in filmmaking over the years and the event will also show the premiere of the movie "Mgbechi Onu Ugba", an Igbo comic feature movie.
6pm is red carpet and we will be live there. Send a Whatsapp message to the blog phone no 07089893159 if you are in Abuja and will be attending.
It is heartwarming to see actors investing in the movie industry and charting the course for all forms of development in Nigeria. We can only expect even better days ahead.
See pictures of one of our planning meetings with the Nollywood star, Charles Awurum.


Recent research has shown that well over 2.2million Nigerians are currently displaced I internally across the country, causing unwarranted spilling over to other neighbouring African countries such as Cameroon, Niger, Mali and Chad. The laxity on the part of Government in alleviating the sufferings of these important families (IDPs) against the background of 180million Nigerian population has become a major issue.

4 Ways Nigerians Can Boost their Chances for Startups Loans - Jumia

For any start-up idea to move from the idea stage to realization, it requires a lot of resources, and one thing that can quickly take a great idea from a hobby to a full-blown business is money. Unfortunately, raising funds, particularly, getting a loan for a startup can be an ordeal for anyone, especially Nigerians. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site shares 4 ways Nigerian founders can boost their chances for start-up loans.
Ensure your personal capital is substantial It may come as a surprise, but lenders actually want to see that you have some “skin in the game” before they can consider your application or request. For instance, some banks will typically want you to have at least a 20% down payment on a conventional loan for a new business.

Civil Society Organisations Demand 1% Consolidated Revenue Fund for Nigeria's Health Sector - PACFaH

On the cool evening of Friday, October 14, 2016 at the tranquil Blu cabana Restaurant Abuja I was in discussion and deliberation about the future of health care in Nigeria.
It was like a state of emergency and believe me, Nigeria's health care indexes is at that level right now. Convened by a coalition of seven (7) Civil Society Organisations in a project known as PACFaH which means Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health in Nigeria, the searchlight was on ensuring that the media understand why budget of healthcare has to be scaled up urgently started from the soon-to-be zoomed in 2017 budget.

Dr Oluyinka Olutoye, Nigerian Male Doctor Who Performed Fetal Surgery at 23 weeks

Nigerian men can be live savers and all across the world, the success stories are the same. I am sure this is no more gist - that Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye and his surgeon partner Dr.Darell Cass of Texas Children's Hospital did a fetal surgery to remove a tumour that caused a condition known as 'sacrococcygeal teratoma'. 

The baby, LynLee Hope now born, underwent that crucial operation at 23 weeks and then returned to her mother's womb. She healed in the womb and continued to grow until she was born again at 36 weeks. Isn't this feat just amazing?

The news broke first on CNN but you can read it up HERE NOW

GOHWELLS Organisers Unveil Natasha Akpoti as Chair Person of Event

Is there a relationship between Women Entrepreneurs and Golf? Do you see how that looks good and workable? Does it strike any cord? Do you see a new level of networking occurring?
Who can see what is playing on my mind? Calabar is hosting this epoch event. Women aged 21-65 are qualified to attend?
Men, will you allow your babe, wife, sister, mum miss this? See who the chair person is? She is Barr. Natasha Akpoti.

Read details at

Register by Clicking HERE

Man Up: Live on Purpose

Happy Tuesday Boss,
The world is not going to get any better! Harsh as that may sound. It is true!
It is programmed to get harder and in Bible parlance darker so that "extraordinary men" will be noticed.
You know how the thickest darkness amplifies the light from a tiny match stick? That's the way we are to these times.
What is our role, you may ask?
Quite simple.
Find your life purpose - this PURPOSE thing is not a cliche ooo.

Why You Need the Yohganics Organic Skincare Treatment by Uyok

Yohganics is an organic skincare brand formulated as natural skin care and hair care products for all skin types. The brand also sell bath and body accessories.
It's important to note that the skin is the largest organ in the body and it absorbs what is put on it. The ingredients put in our products are carefully researched for the  various skin types and our environment.

Self discovery, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (SEL) Platform Abuja Hosts Dr. Gafar Alawode

I was a partner with the SELPlatform's A Day Out with a Mentor event on Saturday. SEL means Self discovery, Entrepreneurship and Leadership and the mentor was Dr. Gafar .Alawode of Health Finance and Governance Abuja.
Here are pictures that tell the story of the event.
More pictures are coming in another post.

Secret to Fathers Raising Great Daughters and Chimamanda Adichie's Beautiful Feminist Essay

I have always believed that most men are victims of a wrong society. A society that teaches girls to marry but never broach the discussion with the boys they are being raised to marry. As a hopeless romantic - I shed tears at PDAs, love romance movies and for even a great compliment -hahaha...I have always questioned why a man won't treat a lady right.
Then I began to understand that they don't know any better. If most men were raised and groomed for marriage like girls, Nigeria would have developed beyond where we are.

What Nigerian Men Suffer For Marrying Immature Women - Public Opinion

Goodmorning Boss, Yesterday while I was in church, I became 'possessed; to speak up against an abnormality that we live with in Nigeria. So I quickly wrote about it on Facebook, following up to this earlier post here. Enjoy reading:
In spite of many other misnomers about behaviours in Nigeria, is this one that I want to opine. I was in a conversation with 4 men, and one of them said something that kept me chilled. He mentioned that "It's not everything that I tell my wife ooo " and with further probe on the why, he said he tried telling her certain things before and she didn't handle it well" and thought, he could tell us -mere acquaintances, but not tell the only woman with whom he has a covenant with! ...and I have heard men and women voice this unacceptable behaviour, by reasonable standards! So your wife shouldn't know but family and friends will know abi? It kept me wondering "What do we think marriage is?" Marriage should be about two purpose…

Team Obiianuju’s Courtesy Visit to the Orphanage on International Girl Child week

A courtesy visit to the Niger State Government Orphanage was made on Saturday the 15th October, 2016 by Team Obiianuju, a privately driven social enterprise committed to restoring balance through the provision of the basic human needs to those who can’t afford it and life classes to those who barely can afford it. The visit was made the same week with the international girl child day and was carried out in honour of both female and male children. The orphanage had a total number of 22 children, the oldest among them had stayed there for 20 years. The visit was also interactive as the children used the time to shared their story, their experiences, challenges, ambition and desires for live.