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Abuja Get Ready To Join The CEO Click: Register Here for The Next CEO

In the month of December, business leaders would come together from the nooks and crannies of the Federal Capital Territory to rewrite destiny. These men will defy the downdraft and reshape the global economy. This is going to be a convergence of young minds that are ready to defy the odds and birth a brand new FUTURE.
These men are not overwhelmed in their hearts, they are like the valiant knights with broken swords who have made up their minds not to retreat, they are burning passionately to carve their names in stone amidst the heat.

The Platform Organises a 5-day Young Professionals Bootcamp for Nigerians ages 20-25

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from experts on how to be the best in your field, dominate your industry and lead in the market place.
Apply now for The Platform – Young Professionals Bootcamp (YPB), a 5-day in-residence intensive program for high potential 20-25 year olds designed to provide you with world class practical training for success in the marketplace.
The program is FREE. However, application closes on 16th of November, 2016. To apply or get more information, please visit
YPB is a new initiative of The Platform Nigeria powered by Covenant Christian Centre.

Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) Prays For Women To Find Their Mr. Right and Get Wisdom to Mould Them to Perfection

So I copied this right off Linda Ikeji's Blog so we can get the gist. A real man is not perfect, (that will be too boring) but is real and I think RMD nailed it in this post and makes a good point for people who crush on people just because we think they are super humans. 
One thing that struck me is that he gives all his accolades to his wife, and I think that is his secret. Now, how many men reading this understand the role of the right woman in their lives? Why they must not marry by sentiments and why they must marry women who will help them succeed (not gold digging)?
A lot of questions on my mind.
Read what RMD wrote below and let's discuss.

Pneumonia Kills 14% out of 845, 000 Children deaths in Nigeria Yearly: Who Ever Knew?

This statistics is sure so scary and we must save more babies and even adults from preventable deaths.
Imagine! 845,000 Children die before their 5th birthday yearly in Nigeria (NDHS2013) from Pneumonia and it has been overshadowed as a priority on the global Health agenda.
Pneumonia rarely receives coverage in the News Media.World Pneumonia Day helps to bring the awareness that Pneumonia is an infection affecting one or both lungs.

Nigerian Students Build Oil Refinery

Have you seen this refinery that was built by students of Chemical Engineering Department of the Ahmadu Bello University? It is said to be able to produce one barrel of crude oil daily and will be used for practical studies within the university.
This is some cheery news.
Nigeria on the rise! Viva Nigeria students!

Global Entrepreneurship Week Walk Is This Saturday - Let's Connect For Development

Yay! It's that time of the year again when entrepreneurs take out time to unwind, enjoy and discuss business in a fun sporty way. This year should be my 3rd time or so attending this walk and I always look forward to it every year. In 2013, I connected with entrepreneurs who have become almost family and then  I remember last year, 2015 GEW, I met Obiora Okafor, Irene Ottih and other entrepreneurs for the first time.
This year I look forward to meeting more people and keeping the motivation for entrepreneurship alive.
Join us at Jabi Lake if you are in Abuja. If not, check below for other city take off venues.

International CEOS' Economic Summit Holds In Lagos

You are all invited to attend this great event.

5 Types of Nigerians Who Own an iPhone7

Apple has had some trouble getting customers interested in the new iPhone 7 since its launch and that is justifiable, considering the economic hardship being faced by a majority of people in the society. While very many Nigerians have boycotted the stores vending this new model, there are a few who have defied all odds to purchase the smartphone. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal has done some research and found that these few individuals fall under certain categories. Read on to discover the 5 types of Nigerians who own an iPhone 7.
The super-rich These set of people are not affected by the recession in the country. The have a lot of money and can afford anything that catches their fancy. Getting an iPhone7, to them, is just like buying bubblegum at the store. In fact, do not be surprised if they share this phone as souvenir at their events.

How I Watched Donald Trump Emerge President of the United States of America

Donald J. Trump Emerges President-Elect of the USA at the Polls

This victory is to show that a real man does not give up on what he is passionate about. He goes, goes, goes, loses, goes, goes and wins.

Congrats Donald Trump!
Viva USA!

Spotlight: Linus Okorie, Leadership Capital Grooming and The Pan African Humanitarian Awards 2016

Very few people live their lives in consonance with your life purpose thus in pursuance of fulfillment rather than gratification and aimless dissipation of energy. The norm is to go with the flow, follow what is acceptable, say what is politically correct and use material achievement as yardstick to honour.

Like many great minds world over though in the littlest population, there are Nigerians, scattered across the world who are living a life of impact by pursuing their essential life assignment. One of them is Linus Okorie, who though he lives in his home country, Nigeria have toured other continents from a burning life passion he kicked off and resigned to follow through with from the young age of 19 as a student.

Why Girls Get Married To Beasts

The rate at which domestic violence is rising in Africa is alarming. So many women are victims of domestic violence. While some endure daily brutality from their husbandit, some are not lucky to come out alive.

I remember the grand welcome I got from my neighbour and his wife in Niger state on my return from travel. I was still trying to open the door when my neighbours wife ran out naked from the house crying as she came behind me to defend her from her husbandit. I managed to settle the matter before I got into my house. *naked? How bad can it get? Most of these victims because of shame or fear prefer to keep this battle within themselves. I have come to realise that this battles happens because some of our girls marry for the wrong reasons: -
1) Some girls are married to the wealth of a beast. The wealth is fine, but the owner is a monster. The couldn't see the monster because the found what they were searching for - riches. They fell in love with the wealth and the become blind…

Jenny Chisom Blog Invites African Women to Golf Health and Wellness Summit (GOHWELLS), Calabar Nigeria

You are invited specially to this first of a kind summit.

Why Men Get Married To Delilah

Four years ago, I was in a ride with a very good friend, after he saw some young girls misbehave along the road, he turned to me and sighed as he said "There would be problem in marriage, with the way these girls are going" There is a real big problem in marriage. In most cases, we all think that the women are always the victims in troubled marriage. Most of us do not know that in some cases, the men are actually the victims. Some of this women come into a guy's life and transform him into a wreckage. Some men's mission on earth had been terminated because of the Delilah they live with as wife. They end up with Delilah because they got married for the wrong reasons. 1) Most guys marry beauty instead of character. They forget that beauty is only skin deep. If you fall in love with her beauty, what happens when the beauty's gone? There's an Igbo adage that says "agwa bu mma nwanyi." which translates, good character is the beauty of a woman. A beautif…

Bryan Okwara and Super model, Emerald Endorse The Labour Room Reality TV Show

See who is endorsing the Labour Room Reality TV Show, my own Bryan Okwara and also Emerald. Some one will be wondering why I said "my own"...leave the gist there because even he does not know me. Hahaha So back to the matter. #ShinningMyTeeth

This was the way The Labour Room organisers announced it on Facebook: "Super Model's Emerald and Bryant Okpara (First Mr. Nigeria and 7th in Mr universe 8 years ago) endorse The Labour Room reality Television show.

Join the Labour Room today to get a chance to make your idea birth a New Nigerian Spirit by registering at any FCMB"

To get the whole details, visit this website 

Happy Birthday Pastor Bimbo Ekwueme

Happy Birthday to a meek woman. A woman after God's own heart, an example of a christian wife, mother and hardworking supportive life partner. I celebrate you now and always. Pastor Bimbo Ekwueme.