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Pastor Goodheart Ekwueme Celebrates 48th Birthday Today

Happy 48th Birthday Pastor Goodheart Ekwueme. On to 50, 70, 90 years and more grace to function. Divine assistance, you shall never lack in Jesus name.


PS: You must have noticed that he is one of my favourite persons on earth by now. #ShinningTeeth

Nigerians Need To Write More Books Like Toke Makinwa

WE NEED MORE BOOKS! Toke's book is trending. So many comments so detailed that it might be impossible for people like me to bother to read it again. It is like being told a story of a film you are about to watch lol.

However one thing is clear she is courageous. Her story is child's play to many people's story which they do not want to write because of the fear of kiss and tell and to protect their children. However when you tell your story, you stop others from falling into the same pit you fell into though sadly history always has a way of repeating itself! The woman married to a man who gave her HIV ought to write a book. Why did she not leave when she began to see him with women and men?

Kanye West's Nervous Breakdown: Lessons For Nigerian Men

As news broke about Kanye West's paranoia and nervous breakdown and as the story develops,  TMZ's recent report had a particular statement that caught my attention and that was ...

"People close to Kanye tell us he never effectively grieved over his mom's death and has always had a difficult time in November, but this time he reached the breaking point.
Kanye, we're told, has had trouble handling stress over the last few months, and in the week or so before the breakdown he started to unravel".

Now most men have been indoctrinated to believe that being a real man means not showing emotion and I have always maintained that men are first human emotional beings before they are male.

Why Nigeria Is Not a Corrupt Country: A SneakPeak into the Extractive Industry Operations

During the week, I promised to bring you insight into how Nigeria's Extractive Industry works and has been handled over time. I was privileged to be among Nigeria's key social media influencers invited by #NEITI and the Natural Resource Governance Initiative #NRGI to participate in a 2 day workshop that unveiled best practices to reporting the extractive Industry.
The Extractive industry include the oil, gas and solid mineral sectors which are and have been the main stay of Nigeria's economy for substantive years now.

Bruce or Caitlyn: The Confusion That Validates Increase in Men Empowerment

Why is he abi she re-transitioning from a Caitlyn Jenner back to Bruce Jenner as reported by Linda Ikeji? That was my first question as I read it.

We need to reach out and help men like this, who actually feel, women enjoy rare privileges that make them as men weak, if not that, how best can one explain this transgender saga?. 

This experiential human man turned woman in our generation, need to be one of the reasons, we should take Men empowerment more seriously.
My heart goes out to Bruce Jenner (the personality I choose).

The Experience is less than 24 hours away

The brand called 'The Experience' can hardly be termed new to the ears of Nigerians. It sparks excitement, faith and anticipation every time it is mentioned. For a decade, the experience, hosted by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, has served as a gateway to the secret place of the Most High for Christians and non-Christians alike.

It has commanded the desire of Nigerians and foreigners to praise, pray and worship like they can nowhere else.
When it debuted in December 2006, it was mostly thought of as an over excited gathering of Christians who would soon lose their spark. Although 70,000 people gathered to praise that year, it was hardly impressed in their hearts that it would metamorphose into something bigger in the coming years. But then such is the hand work of the Most High God; using the little things to make the most incredible impact.
In 2007, eyes and ears were tickled with surprise as over 250,000 worshippers gathered from all over Africa to exalt the name of the one true King…

Linus Okorie Unveils Plans for African Leadership Conference After Pan African Humanitarian Awards in Dubai

The Pan African Humanitarian awards may have come and gone but the impact is still ever green. From the pure desert-picturesque city of Dubai, eminent African leaders were honoured across different sectors of the global economy and walks of life.

With the great minds that attended the award ceremony, Africa can be said to be on the rise continuously as these individuals have given back immensely to their communities, organisations and polity and as the organisers’ mantra rings, they have contributed in making Africa Better not Bitter.

Cobhams Asuquo: Father Raising a Great Son consciously

This got me all emotional when I read it. Today is the 5th birthday of Cobhams' first son David and he wrote this as a tribute to him and with this picture of them.
My boss is 5!!! Happy 5th birthday Sir. My other employer. I love you soo much David and I have soo much to teach you. I'll always make you proud by God's grace.

5 Reasons to move from Lekki to Ajah - Jumia

My Lagos people,
There seems to be a recent trend of Lagos residents moving from the Lekki area of Lagos Island to the Ajah area and most people are wondering why this is the case. Yes, Lekki seems to be “prettier” than Ajah and it accommodates a certain kind of residents, but frankly, if you are based in Lekki because you want a better quality of life or you think it's just a better area to inhabit, well, maybe we can make you reconsider. Jumia Travel share 5 possible reasons Lagosians are now moving from Lekki to Ajah. The rent in Ajah is not ridiculous It is no secret that Lekki is a high brow area and so it accommodates some of the most expensive properties in the state. The rent is extremely high and unless you have a blue-collar job, you will be renting forever and struggling to make ends meet. Ajah, although not as cheap as areas on the mainland, offers various options way cheaper and affordable.

Go Woman Go (GWG) by British Council and Its Creative Art Economic Value for Nigeria

To again mark the UK/Nigeria 2015/2016 arts work season in Abuja, the British Council who Invited my blog, held the "Go Woman Go" project on Tuesday. I nearly missed my way in trying to locate the 6-storey building of the new Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social development complex visibly located at the Central Business District but on arrival it was all worth the drive. The FCT is constantly under construction and big massive buildings are always coming up. That was my experience with the venue of this happily unique exhibition event.
The building which is nearing completion was wrapping creatively with a tie-dye fabric and that spelt ART as all sorts of creative designs were exhibited and taught participants. The Honourable ministers of Women Affairs, Senator Aisha Alhassan and Information, Lai Mohammed were in full participation.

Jenny Chisom Visits Oakland International School Abuja; Teaches Blogging

Today at Oakland International School, Jenny Chisom visited courtesy of the Head Teacher, Mr. Franklyn Adjetey and she met lots of beautiful Year 1 to year 4 pupils.
In Year 3 and Year 4 class, Suleiman told the class about his first day at School. He said it was terrific and he made friends with other pupils who loved to play games and dislike having a hair cut.

Fatimah said she was shy on her first day at school but now she has lots of friends like Safiyya, Maryam, Chinelo and Atinuke.
Pupils also told Jenny about lots of computer games they love to play like Starwars, Call of duty, Mario, and Watchdog.
The Year three were all dressed in their official school uniforms while the Year four class were sporting their PE outfits.  Jenny wished she could play with the Year four class. Even though they invited her to join, she declined.
Ms Juliet and Mr. Emmanuel and Mr. Adjetey snapped everyone pictures and here are the pictures for your delight.

PS: This blog post was done in-class!

Nigeria's Extractive Industry Searchlight Update

This is supposed to be the post where the Nigeria's Extractive Industry searchlight should be but I regret to announce that it will now come up on this blog by 12 noon on Friday, Dec 2, 2016. I will want to supply you with links to much more resources during our conversation. Do bear with me, okay? 
You are sure, that I can't wait to share all that I learnt as there is an emergency of our dear country's development. Look forward to discussing the issues with you. Thanks

Afro fits Jenny Chisom: My #Studio24 Photoshoot

I do not remember showing you these pictures that I tagged #GangsterMe so I decided to share this morning. During the weekend I just went to the Studio24 at Wuse 2 by BigBite to just take a shot because I was 'feeling' this my hair style and was not willing to show you using a phone camera
Do not ask me, how this post is related to development or men's success...I do not know myself except that for men, I have been getting more interests from them...hehehe and even women want to copy it. I copied it from a catalogue myself, so we can go ahead and keep the copy game going.
Hope this made you smile? 
Cheers to a great day!

Why You Should Love A Woman - Myles Munroe

Just always remembering Late Dr. Myles Munroe, I stumbled on his tweet and thought to share, because it rings ever true. No matter the circumstances, every woman can be held hostage happily if she is loved. Lol

He loved his own wife till death; they were inseparable even in death. He walked his talk and gave us hope never to lose steam in life!

Nigeria's Extractive Industry SearchLight

I just got done with a thorough schooling on how our extractive industry works, thanks to #NEITI, and the #NRGI, #BUDGIT, #FOSTER and #Omojuwa. The dynamics, impacts, the flaws, what needs to be done and especially why we must 'follow the money'' like my friend Hamzat represents.

Going live on this blog at exactly 10am tomorrow will be the details of what I learnt and why you should sit up so that together we can develop Nigeria by holding institutions accountable.
It starts by first understanding what the issues are. Why the Resources curse exist and how we can get out of it?
...and yes, I even have a certificate to show!


Phil Roberts To Release Audio/Video/Lyrics Of As We Worship Feat.Min.Manus

The A-List Abuja based Gospel Rock Artiste Amb. Phil Roberts has concluded plans to release the official Audio/video/Lyrics of his hit worship single AS WE WORSHIP featuringMin. Manus.

National Carpentry & Furniture Summit (NACAFS) To Hold in Abuja as Dazzle Training Moves To Reposition The Industry

Dazzle carpentry training limited inspires a new path as it holds the first ever NATIONAL CARPENTRY & FURNITURE SUMMIT (NACAFS) in ABUJA Nigeria.

In a concerted effort to address the current unemployment challenges in Nigeria and to reposition the carpentry and furniture industry, Dazzle® Carpentry Training Limited leads the industry to host the first NATIONAL CARPENTRY & FURNITURE SUMMITS (NACAFS) in the Capital City, Abuja, Nigeria under the supervision of Africa’s leading event & business promotion company Azariah Transnational synergy limited.

The Rave of the BE A MAN Show: This Week with Henry Okechukwu Ezeh

This week Wednesday, we will be hosting this ex-banker and single Nigerian man on the BE A MAN show. The show has been a great time for men to bond, learn and partner for good. It holds every Wednesday on the League of Extraordinary Men Closed Facebook Group.

Real Men, Real Issues, Extraordinary Results Summit Abuja: Register Here

Boss, have you checked out this form yet?
Will you be at the MEN SUMMIT next weekend?


Happy New Week Friends

Happy Sunday beautiful friends. This week is that December, you have been anticipating. The year is not over, until we win. Keep your focus cutting edge and never back down.
You rock!
Keep reading #JCB