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Extraordinary Man: Travis Greene

I 'met' Travis Greene for the first time on Sunday Dec 4, 2016 when he ministered at The Experience overflow in House on the Rock Abuja ...well...No, I was not able to get a photograph with him. I would have showed it off, a long time ago, if I went for it. Lol


But Today is Travis Greene's birthday and while I was rejoicing about his acceptance to perform at the Inauguration of America's 45th President, Donald Trump, it dawned on me that today which he announced as the official video release of the hit single "Made a way" is also his birthday.

I love Travis Greene and his wife Jackie absolutely and love their work with showing the love of Christ through his music, songs and his church outreach.

Travis began his music career with the release of the MORE album in 2007 and even though he lost his father when he was 5, and was born a still birth himself as well as died but came back alive at 4years old, he has not dimmed the light of his life but continually allowed it reveal Jesus.

No wonder his songs top gospel billboard charts, he has gained multiple nominations, awards and now about to reveal Jesus afresh to America's political society.

Jesus be revealed more in the world!
Congrats Travis!
Happy Birthday to you!