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How does a Real Man Ask a Lady for a Date and Handle Rejection?

The question of the day is "How do you ask a woman for a date?"

Deji Irawo answers:
There is really no acceptable format. It all depends on the lady. What women watch out for is your confidence and maturity. Secondly, there is a difference between rejecting you and rejecting your proposal. When a woman says No, it’s the proposal and not your person. How much of you can she know in a short time?. You keep discovering yourself daily.

Deji Irawo, is a multi channel media executive and CEO of the X2D channel,Africa's leading wholesome inspirational entertainment and lifestyle TV channel. He is a men resource technocrat/coach and run the Confident relationships for men training to build capacity in men. He hosts the Manview , a radio talk show for men on WFM 91.7 in Lagos/Ogun state  Nigeria.