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How Much Should You Tell in a Marriage?

Hello boss,
I had a very intensive discussion yesterday with a young man I really like (don't judge me, I like many of them) LOL
Something I took away on relationship matters which I want us to discuss is this issue of:
"It is not every thing you should tell your significant other"
...both men and women do it , i mean keep some information about what may be going wrong with them even while in a marriage.

That my friend even said, he was taught by his own parents not to tell his wife everything and I have also heard women say the same.

My questions for our discussion will be:
1. If there is someone else apart from your spouse who knows about that same matter, is it a good idea then to still keep it from them, especially when we have gone to take the sacred vow that bestows the 'for better, for worse' on us?

Secondly, we keep things to ourselves because we ought to be responsible for our lives while single, but in marriage, would it be a great family value to keep issues away (especially when they still affect the marriage relationship and will show up in the future) from our spouses?
3. Do we think open communication on all matters will help marriages and relationships?

NB: I am a big fan of open communication no matter how bad in a marriage as a precursor to 'no unpleasant surprises' and keeping a healthy family culture while raising whole children with positive self esteem.

I am expecting your comments as always.


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