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Is It Right for a Lady to Pick up the Bill During a Date With a Man?

Let's discuss this " is it really okay for a lady to pay for drinks and 

food while on a date with a man"? If yes or No, why?

When Deji Irawo was asked, this was his answer:

There is nothing wrong with a lady picking the bill at a date. Men are special and deserve a treat as Well sometimes. One of the reasons men are angry in marriage is they feel used and their only purpose is to pay bills.

I totally agree.

Don't you?

Deji Irawo, is a multi channel media executive and CEO of the X2D channel,Africa's leading wholesome inspirational entertainment and lifestyle TV channel. He is a men resource technocrat/coach and run the Confident relationships for men training to build capacity in men. He hosts the Manview , a radio talk show for men on WFM 91.7 in Lagos/Ogun state Nigeria.