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My January Bucket List And You

January wraps up in a bit and I am happy I was able to do 2 major things that I have been sooooo afraid to dare even though I desperately wanted to tick them off my bucket list and maintain them as a lifestyle.

First is getting back inline with my singing ministry. Yes, I started singing from when I was 11 years old in a church choir and up till when I was 29...then I gave up for flimsy reasons as "I want to try something else" and 'I do not have 'good enough clothes" to maintain the choir standard. (Laughing Out loud)

So I got into sound engineering, media, social media and other aspects of life. By this time, I had switched where I  used to attend church services and there I saw many other areas I could develop myself aside my default singing and also acting I was used to from childhood.
But in 2015, I started having this uncanny desire to get back into the choir, and sing again. I remembered how choir practices were usually my best moments as per encounters with God...
Long story short, I got back into fact I attended a choir audition on Saturday, and I have been over the moon since.
Secondly, I donated blood for the first time in my entire years of existence! Yay! Something, I had always desired but because of my fear for 'syringes, hospitals, medics and all" I allowed time to lapse.
Oh such fulfillment, you get when you do something heroic!
Among everything that God helped me do this month, I am so excited about these two! By the way, I must say that they happened because
1. I decided to stop being stubborn and heed to my inner promptings 
2. I had a fantastic friend who would encourage me, drive me and literally be angry with my slow-motion and ensure I achieve what is good for me. Such friends are blessings.
I would say, listening to yourself and changing your clique of friends may just work the magic for you as we approach February.

Remember, an extraordinary man gets extraordinary results as a lifestyle.

Be appalled by the status quo!
By all means WIN!