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Why Can't Most Men Benefit From Their Wives' Income?

Hello boss,

This weekend has been a sleepy one for me because of a lot of activities from Friday. Well, after missing out on Church service this morning painfully, I logged on to Facebook and a friend of mine, had written this:
GENTLEMEN, If you have N2,000 in the house and your wife has N48,000.The total amount of money in that house is N2,000..Are we together?!!

I commented that that was a 'Very disturbing mindset....but why is it not N50, 000?'

In my mind I actually reason with him because I have seen this play out in a lot of homes at least in Nigeria where most husbands say, they don't bother about knowing how much their wives earn at work or business at all because they will be considered lazy and wanting to spend her money. And wives demand money from their husbands, even when he has to borrow to keep up and are struggling, while they keep back their own earnings.

Is this trend something we should encourage in marriages? 
Many concerns on my mind. I need your opinion.

Then as I was strolling on Twitter @heritagebankltd, I saw this banner asking same question from Heritage Bank Nigeria? 

Is today, for extolling that this as a virtue, or calling out on it as a wrong ethic?

I really do not know. Till I hear from you.