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What a Man Must do if he loses a Job, Rather than Feel Like a Victim – Deji Irawo

The BE A MAN SHOW that takes place on our closed MEN ONLY facebook group, League of Extraordinary Men has been lit literally. I intend to bring more of the lessons learnt from guests (members) during the show.

Today was our 7th episode and it was with a Men coach, Deji Irawo. I will be sharing some of his answers to questions thrown at him, so other men and women can learn.

Tonight, let me share what a real man should do when he loses a job. His answer was:

My advice is to first give yourself space and rest. Secondly don't judge yourself, people lose jobs every day for different reasons, thirdly if it was your fault forgive yourself.

Fourthly, do an honest appraisal why you lost the job, next decide what you want to do either in getting another job or being an entrepreneur.

Next you get the required training for the new venture or you brush up your skills in your field and then you create a plan to get another job by checking the required job sites and follow up accordingly.

This is what to do, not to feel like a victim.

I hope the writer helped you?

Deji Irawo, is a multi channel media executive and CEO of the X2D channel,Africa's leading wholesome inspirational entertainment and lifestyle TV channel. He is a men resource technocrat/coach and run the Confident relationships for men training to build capacity in men. He hosts the Manview , a radio talk show for men on WFM 91.7 in Lagos/Ogun state  Nigeria.