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Where Can Boys and Men Sexually Abused Find Help?

Dear Boss,

..and in a conversation with a CEO yesterday, he confided that 98% of his friends (men) or rather acquaintances in a particular social gathering, were blackmailed emotionally and disvirgined by maids as boys.  Meaning that was their first sexual experience... 

And some became nymphomaniacs and a few went on to even become rapists because of these abuses at a tender age. 

In a particular case, a maid had sex with a boy from when he was about 8years old till he turned 14years...will that boy now a Man be sexually responsible ever?  

Then again,  how can people like that get help without being shamed? 

I have a feeling that we must stop sweeping serious issues under the carpet and discuss ways to help boys abused as well as prevent such from happening. 

Are you a therapist and can offer help?
So many men just like women are hurting...


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