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Why Some Men Want to Pick Up 100% of Home Bills For Respect - Deji Irawo

Question: What do you think about men who want to undertake 100% of running the home financially to retain their respect.. Also do you advise couples to keep a joint bank account?

Your respect as a man is in who you are and not what you do. This is a fundamental error that puts pressure on men. So you can use money to retain something internal.your wife is a help mate , so let her help you and stop putting pressure on yourself.

Couples can keep a joint account and also have their own personal account as well.

Deji Irawo, is a multi channel media executive and CEO of the X2D channel,Africa's leading wholesome inspirational entertainment and lifestyle TV channel. He is a men resource technocrat/coach and run the Confident relationships for men training to build capacity in men. He hosts the Manview , a radio talk show for men on WFM 91.7 in Lagos/Ogun state  Nigeria.


Oluwatobi said…
Very true.