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10 Clothing Hacks Jumia Recommends For You

It’s no longer news that Nigeria’s in a recession. If anything, you shouldn’t be as eager to throw things away at the first sign of tear. Now is the time to be prudent, to make cost-effective decisions.

Based on research done by Jumia Market content team, here are top 10 clothing hacks you need to keep your clothes fresh, clean and fixed. 

1.Cover Sneakers In Baking Soda To Remove Odours
The baking soda will soak up any sweat that’s on your shoes. Gross, but true.

2. Use Shaving Foam To Remove Make-Up Stains.

We recommend washing the clothing after you’ve covered it in shaving foam though.

3. Talcum Powder Removes Oil Stains.
Apply the talc to the area and leave it over night.

4. Lemon Juice Will Remove Armpit odour.
Spray a little lemon on the affected area and those odours will evaporate.

5.Cold Water and Vinegar Will Remove Stains
This mixture will remove stains form leather without causing any damage.

6.Put Your Jeans In The Freezer To Remove Odour.
The cold will kill smelly bacteria without fading your denim

7. A Tie Is A Man’s Jewellery.

You don’t need a lot of ties, just a few different ways to tie it.

8. Stop Your Fly from Opening.
Use an elastic band, or buy an actual Zip Holder.

9. Attach Something To The End Of Your Pyjama Ties To Stop Them From Disappearing Into The Hem.

A safety pin may a bit stabby, so we recommend a button or a thick hairband.

So there you have it folks, cheap, easy hacks to make your clothes look as good as new.


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