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A Real Man Must Be Self-Aware

I was excited  during one of our Be a Man Show, when a member asked the guest, Charisma Ifeanyi Ezeji, who an extraordinary man is and the response he gave.
Jenny Chisom Show coming soon...

Since all members address one another by the adjective "extraordinary' going by the fact that the group is rightfully christened "League of Extraordinary Men", it was a good question.

In response Charisma quoted a prominent man by saying that, an extraordinary man is one who makes efforts to learn, unlearn and relearn in his pursuit for life. That for me, means that a man who seeks extraordinary results in his life goals, career, business, family life, relationships, spirituality and more must be open minded, be adaptable and be curious to know and upgrade his thought pattern.

That is why I think that a man must also be self-aware, understand his strengths, weaknesses, understand his life passion and purpose as well as understand who he needs on that journey of life such as spouse, friends, career partners, mentors etc

Today, is a great time to do a self audit as an extraordinary man and begin to open up, seek ways to listen more to people especially to learn, take more proactive steps, apply good advice from people and set traps for extraordinary reports to happen.

So, do you know who you are?