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Nigerian Thought Leader, Emeka Nobis Releases "Abandon The Dots": Pre-Order Now

One of Nigeria's most celebrated thought leaders, Emeka Nobis has just released his 5th book "Abandon the Dots" and it is already making waves and right here you can get yours too. On the book, read what he had to say below about it and why you need it.

"You're not a fucking thought leader!" I'd just done a tweet and in less than a minute, I got the response above to my tweet from a follower.

I was taken aback, horrified at the expletive. 

Do you know how it feels when you take your time to create a piece only for someone to attack you senselessly, tearing down your product with acerbic words intent on inflicting emotional wounds?

Do you know how it feels to launch a product into the market, only for it to tank? Wasted efforts. No income. Everything washed down the drain. 

Do you know how it feels for your loved one - wife, dad, best friend, hubby - not to affirm the beauty of your skill, creativity, or art? You know what..... that's how the cookie crumbles. 

Don't bother with how the dots cluster to form a tangible. 
It's time to ABANDON THE DOTS!

It's time to wear the audacity of creativity as a garb. 

That's why I've blessed humanity with this work of grace. 
ABANDON THE DOTS : Audacity of Creativity*

We opened the cart for pre-orders, starting at 50% yesterday. 
The window for the 50% discounted pre-order ends today at 10 p.m.

To preorder at N1,500, please click and follow the instructions.