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The Dangerous Black-Spots on Kenyan Roads - Lisa Griffin

Kenya is full of surprises. Sometimes, they present themselves as outrageous black spots on your way home. As Kenya’s traffic police claims, they are one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. On the whole, the number count of these incidents is really striking. Few specific road sections are especially treacherous, on those, chances of getting into an accident are quite high.
To avoid any aggravating situations and to save yourself the anxiety, check out the list of Kenyan roads where traffic accidents have been historically abundant.
In Nyanza, be especially careful driving on these roads:
·        the Kiboswa-Kisumu
·        Kisii Daraja Mbili
·        Kisii Township main road
·        Awasi - Ahero
·        Daraja Mbili - Bondo junction
·        Oyugis - Katitu
·        Migori - Kakrao
·        Gucha Bridge
In Central Kenya Province, there are killer black spots in the following directions:
·        the Kiriani - Muranga
·        Kibirigwi -Sagana
·        The Kiganjo-Narumoru
·        Limuru- to Uplands
·        Tinka Blue-post hotel to the Sagana Bridge
·        Nyeri – Nyahururu
·        Makutano-Embu
·        Central region
·        Nyeri – Nyahururu
·        Thika – Garissa in Makongeni area

In Western Kenya, the most dangerous are routes:
·        Kakamega-Chavakali
·        Kakamega-Webuye
·        Kakamega – Mumias – Makunga
·        the Mbale-Vihiga
·        Matayos
·        Mbale - Vihiga
·        Bungoma – Eldoret – Chemoi
In eastern parts of Kenya, the most horrific accidents happen on these roads:
·        Salama - Sultan Hamud
·        Mtito Andei to Tsavo River
·        Konza Junction to Salama
·        Emali Simba Market to Kibwezi

In the coastal region beware of the disastrous:Wundanyi-Mwatate
·        Tsavo-Maungu-Voi section
·        Mazeras-Miritini
·        Maungu-Tsavo East Gate Road
·        Maktau-Taveta Road
·        Maungu and Ndii areas
Rift Valley region is rich with dangerous paths:
·        Kinungi - Naivasha – Gilgil Toll
·        Gilgil - Mbaruk
·        Chepsir - Kipkelion Junction
·        Kericho - Litein
·        Kericho - Kaitui
·        Narok- Maai Mahiu and two areas on Narok roads: Kinyinyi and Katakala  
Several other roads stretched in this region are also very dangerous.
The Naivasha-Nakuru highway should be mentioned particularly, as it is not safe all the way and it gets dangerous at the Gilgil and Kinungi junctions, and Maili Mbili in Naivasha.
Always do your best driving on:
·        the King'eero area
·        the region of Nakuru-Timboroa-Burnt forest
·        at the Salgaa-GSU camp
·        Makutano Junction-Eldama Ravine
·        Kahoya-Timboroa

Be super careful if you are going in Nairobi, and beware of the black spots on the Waiyaki way, especially near the Kangemi flyover, the Northern and the Eastern Bypasses, Thika and Jogoo roads and if you pass by Garissa Madogo - KBC Station in the North-eastern region.
The causes of these accidents on black spots are quite ordinary: the corner on a straight road that conceals incoming traffic, sharp drops and crests, a hidden junction on fast highways, poorly drawn road lines, surface imperfections, and especially, warning signs that are barely visible. The treatment of traffic black spots is not that effective. Even when you take into consideration the ability traffic police has to actively measure progress. There are enough funds to provide new signs, to establish speed restrictions and install speed cameras, etc. Also, unpredictable weather, with its rains and sometimes thunderstorms, creates an additional obstacle for drivers on all kinds of vehicles.
It is always tempting to get into the driver’s seat after drinking alcoholic beverages, but it is one of the most common causes of car crashes. Take care and never drink before driving even on the safe roads, which are not on our list.
Stay out of danger and be mindful of those black spots!

About author:
Lisa Griffin is a blogger and freelance writer. Her priority values are hardworking and creativity. She is here on Twitter


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