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The Endangered Male Folk - Charisma Ifeanyi Ezeji

One of the lies the world established against the male folk is that " real men don't cry"
Now, to the men, Is not crying even when we are in pains and difficulties a part of being a man?
Those tears we hide from our loved ones only to answer a real man, don't we actually shed them right inside our hearts?

I can tell you factually, that when we shed the tears we are supposed to shed in the open only in our hearts we only end up over flooding our hearts and the resultant effect is that our hearts get drowned in the flood of tears that are meant for the surface of the earth so that the earth will bring answers. 
Doctors will then call it cardiovascular disease or blood pressure (High/Low).

Have we asked ourselves why there is high male mortality rate?
Is it not for the sake of companionship which promotes longevity that God decided to cause a man to sleep, that he now created woman from his rib?

What then is companionship when we don't share our problems? 
What then is the essence of multiplication and replenishment on earth if we can't share our burdens.
Our hearts is the Center of our lives and should be unburdened than overburdened.

What bothers me most is that the men themselves are the highest promoters of these lies.
A man will approach his fellow man to vent the heat in his soul, he would say "You are a man, men don't cry, stop complaining! Men don't cry! " 
And I ask again, is there any problem of a man that is solved by the man bearing it in his heart all alone?

If God could visit the biblical Adam (according to the book of Genesis 3:8) every evening to ask him of his challenges of the day, why then would Parents ask their son to shut up his mouth and not share his problem? Why then would a wife asks his husband to keep mute, that he is a man and yet she shares hers too in the name of am woman, it is in the nature of women to talk, therefore am free to share my problems.
Many families today do not have fathers, widows are more than widowers. 
When a problem becomes an established fact, it is only imperative that both immediate and remote causes are found, so that it can be nipped in the bud.

Let every man who wants to live longer share their problems, because "a problem shared is a problem half solved" logically, a problem not shared is a complete problem.
It's time to reduce the high male mortality rate by sharing our problems, because many men died today out of the burdens of their hearts that was not unburdened.
The dead does not praise God, the dead is a goner .