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The JennyChisom Show: Call For MakeUp Artiste, Customiers, Photographers, Script Writers in Abuja

I'm getting out of the Euphoria now!

I got a small surprise party at home last night just because I launched a Video finally! Yay

That's how much my friends celebrated that move!

Thank you lovelies...I love you scatter!!! (You know yourselves)

And in as much as I uploaded the whole video on Facebook too instead of embedding via Youtube (I won't do that again though) I have 26 views so far! (Go watch and subscribe on youtube if you have not)

I'm so excited!
Then I am even more excited that I have 3 people who clicked on the SUBSCRIBE Button....*Dancing

I love you all!

Now, even more seriously, my videos are shot in full HD so compatible with TV view, so do not be surprised when some of the episodes go on TV too.

Then I am building a team of my several needs for Costumiers, Make Up Artists, Hair stylists, Scriptwriters, Photographers etc and you are welcome to be on my team if you do any of the above. Let us succeed together.

More to come...a lot of topics to cover and very interesting people to interview too.

Let's keep together friends.
I love you guys!