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When Bishop Wayne Malcolm Taught Leadership Development in Abuja: Nation Building Tips For Christians

Hello boss,

I had a long brainstorming session with my fellow Research Advisory Group of Voices 4 Change after which I was to catch up with a Leadership Development session scheduled to take place at my local church, House on the Rock, the Refuge in Abuja. Did it ever see the advert online?

The speaker cum preacher was Bishop Wayne Malcolm of the ICan Network also known as the Entrepreneurs' pastor from the UK. He has preached on Sunday before today on the "Art of Apothecary" also in the same assembly so expectations were high. 

Long story short, I could not attend as immediately I got home, I realised how fagged out I was and the discovery that time was already 5.30pm, same time the meeting was starting also made me rethink (I dislike attending meetings late).

So I decided on my ever present option of following the service via live stream at and after a prayer session that energised my spirit by Pastor Uche Aigbe came Bishop Malcolm's leadership session titled "Get into the arena".

I literally stayed glued while I received these truths that got me thinking and rethinking how my everyday job and services plays a huge role in the development of Nigeria especially from a Kingdom perspective. I gleaned a few of the Bishop's thoughts to share with you. Read below (starting from bottom up)

- Your work place is the arena for warfare and not the church!

- You are positioned on purpose because God wants an extension of Himself in your place of work.
- It's from the pulpit that you are changed. But it is at your job that you can change the world.
- Your Job matters to God.
- Your job put you inside the kingdoms of this world.
- God has presence in the world through our collective careers.
- From the pulpit, it is you that can change not the nation. So it is you at your job that can change the nation. (Remember the 5 folds ministry is just to equip the saint who in turn do the work of God -paraphrase mine)
- Your job connects you directly to the nation you are trying to change.
- We change the nation from our jobs.
- God uses professional platforms for prophetic purposes.
- Wherever you work you are there as a tool working for God.
- When you go to work, go to work in Christ, with Christ and for Christ.

Bishop Wayne Malcolm Hotr Refuge