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Working A Menial Job As a Man Is Sexy for Your Respect

Hello Boss,

Truth is, no job is menial...maybe not well-paying but there should be dignity of labour and a real man must give any job he decides to do his best and then use the avenue to demand better pay.

Also a man shows he is a man worth the respect of a woman when he goes all out to do even what is considered menial jobs...rather than lazy away while his wife works.

That, my boss is healthy ego.

Anything short of that, you are oozing away your earned respect, making a woman slave alone and you are setting wrong standards for the boy child and also the girl child.

Get up! Get a job!
With a wife by your side encouraging you and your dedication and hardwork, you will be favoured.
Every reasonable woman finds a man with 'any kind of legit job' sexier than a well dressed man who lives off a woman. You don't have to bring the larger chunk, just bring something consistently and communicate and work out money-earning strategies with your wife or the woman in your life, your respect will remain intact.