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Your Character & You

Character is associated to everyone but not everyone has good character. It takes time and effort to develop good character that distinguishes a man as extraordinary. Character is developed over time. It doesn’t just come by.

The strength of a man's character is what distinguishes him as a man or woman that is reliable.
Truthfulness is a character. Early rising is a character. Discipline, integrity, hard work and others are characters in the same way that dishonesty, selfishness and dubiousness are too. These are all characters.

What are you known for? Are you known for cutting corners? Can people trust you? The more a particular character is found in you, the more you are associated with it.

As an extraordinary man, you need to determine for yourself the kinds of characters that people will know you for and build a reputation for it. Never be found doing anything or behaving in ways that do not add strength to your image as an extraordinary man.

What is your character?

Culled from thoughts by Linus Okorie

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