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A Woman Speaking Up For Men: The Critics Paradigm

Wetin dey give this Jenny liver to be talking to and for men?...Wetin she sabi sef? She never even marry...talkless of....(complete it)....LOL

And I keep laughing and grinning from ear to ear from choking amusement... I am just a girl equipped before I was born to do this.

I simply answered the many purpose-driven individuals.

Men 'wey sabi wetin dey' are steadily getting the reprogramming and moving their lives forward. They are the men that will make major impact not only because they heard Jenny in their lifetime but maybe because they took the chance to unlearn, learn and relearn towards positive masculinity.

The world is in dire need of whole men.
Men who will be role models to children/teens and men that girls/women will totally feel safe with, and absolutely revere.

We are getting there, one mind at a time, the Jenny Chisom Blog way!

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