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Almost Ready for "The Man and Himself" Hangout in Abuja: Date Changed to April 9

I've been up since morning managing a plumbing crisis and yet sending out letters to seal some of the partnership deals that will make "The Man and Himself" - Self awareness workshop in Abuja a success...

and I am learning a lot...

I learnt that there is nothing like having a "process person" who runs with your vision, especially if you a major Ideator and not such a process person like myself...

For now, I am getting comfortable in my place, honing my strengths and not wasting time struggling to do the things i'm weak at.

Being a blogger with a niche that you can pour your life into is the key, just like i admire the creativity of Molekor Adeyinka and such other bloggers in Abuja .

We are almost set with Venue, Refreshments, Photo is by Osazee, facilitators, and your invitee...yes, you gotta invite that man you love ladies, and guys you need to block that time to attend.

Having great mentors is your safest bet too. Get an amazing mentor and be willing to be mentored...I am learning everyday and coming out of my shell.

See flyer for how to register by SMS...(very simple)