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Jenny Chisom's Insight On The Big Brother Reality TV Show

Dear Boss,

As ThinTallTony was evicted from the Big Brother Naija House last night and his not being aware of the things we (audience) already know about his family...I thought to share the insight that the Big Brother Show has always given me. I shared on Facebook and this was just what I wrote using the ongoing Big Brother Naija that is currently on going.

"I watch #BBNaija at least 1 hour everyday in my spare time....
It reminds of Life and Eternity vs God.

Our real Life - The housemates in the house 
Life in Eternity - Evicted housemates back in the real world (pointing that eternity or our spiritual existence is more real than our physical life)

God - Big Brother

Just like TTT faked his marital status in the house, but we all knew, so is our activities and real personalities known in eternity no matter how we fake it, to make it here. 

Also just like Efe has so much goodwill with vote-campaign cars rumoured to have been donated by his admirers from other nations, yet he just does not have a clue how much is for are we rich and powerful in spiritual realms even when we may be struggling here. Efe will only find out when he comes back to the real world. 

Did you notice that just like we leave this world either through death (eviction) or through 'show end' (rapture)...and at show end a winner is announced, so too true believers will be rewarded and reunited with God.

Just like when death occur, do you see how housemates talk about evicted housemates in the past tense and talk about how they miss them?

Did you also notice that they talk about seeing them again after the show? (In eternity after rapture)...

How do you feel when the evicted housemates' pictures are framed and hung...does it relate to memorials after death?

That big brother all-seeing eye...with inescapable cameras, doesn't it validate that God is All-seeing, and All-knowing and none of our deeds can escape him? Same way Kemen's inappropriate sexually activity with Tboss (another house mate) earned him a disqualification because Big brother (God), played back the tape (Judgement day). Let us dread being disqualified by God...

The very powerful and creative daily tasks (my favourite agenda in BBNaija) are they not like how jobs, careers, activities and how our success or failures are handled?.

The Diary sessions, reminds me of a must-have one-on-one prayer session with one's you relate? And it is daily, just like prayer should be daily, in order for us to get tactics to remain in the game of life here and hereafter.

The marketing strategies....hmmmn

These and more are the things that the show reminds me daily ....and more. 

This #BigBrother reality show as created by John de Mol and have aired in over 52 countries since 1999 is a mirror of our existence and for people who think it is secular and devilish, what isn't secular? This blog? Or your smart phone, or even your daily preferences.

I am grateful that Jesus is the real 'Head of all principalities and powers' and so no shaking.

I call Big Brother (culled from George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four) a #DeepSpiritualEntertainment