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Nigerian Men On Heat About Gender Issues - Ugonna Ufere

Hello boss,
There's been a literal war on social media over the past few weeks about feminism, men and other issues. Later on, hashtags like #WifeNotCook first propounded by blogger, Noble Igwe in 2016 after his wedding emanated again. Another hashtag purportedly by men surfaced also called #HusbandNotATM and these have been a good opportunity for dialogues, even though a lot of people are being very bitter from their opinions. I am excited it is happening as we keep rethinking age-long held mindsets et al. I stumbled on a post by a reverred Nigerian, Ugonna Ufere and thought to share his thoughts on the need for men to respect women. Read it here verbatim and do let me know what you think.

"Am I just imagining things or are men now feeling
'the heat' when gender issues are raised? Especially the issues that touch on equal opportunities and fairness between genders. Unfortunately, most men see this as a mere social media agitation. Women are readily branded bitter when they decide to share their experiences. If these are really stories from bitter women, what of those that have been maimed and have lost their lives to domestic violence. Did they kill themselves? Dismissing these issues as rants from 'bitter women' is most ignorant, insensitive and very myopic. Yes it is. I'll rather men address these issues rather than slut shaming those that dare to ask for better treatment. It's not like men are perfect...but if we are to remain the 'Head' shouldn't we be tasked to be fair?

This 'New wave' of feminism is typically an "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" cry from our women and men that identify with this consciousness. People that give me hope and assurance that my 2 daughters will get a fair chance by the time they are independent. People I respect and will always remain thankful for interacting with.

We agitate and expect so much from our political leaders but feel our women, the same people we cohabit with should stay mute to our accumulated shortcomings...come on....that's witchcraft working overtime nau ..."