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On Feminism, Feminists and Jenny Chisom's Ideology

So Boss,

I have been hearing a lot about feminism and especially the hurtful ways some of the conversations around it flow and I got worried and decided to find out exactly what it is. I got quite some education and the fact that there is a bastardised version of it that makes the "Man the problem". Wow!

So I also got a conversation going about "Girl child inheritance" and a lot of men beautifully stated that they will share their properties with both their sons and daughters which was a departure from what we used to have in most parts of Nigeria. I was elated.
So you see, I really had fun learning because I have the best friends on Facebook. Yay!
So today, a friend of mine referred to me as a feminist and i was like...huh?
Just when you think some people know you a bit...they show that they do not! 
But it is fine. Let me explain me.
I am carving an ideology...the ideology that defines
"a girl child or woman as not in any form of bondage or marginalisation"...
that ideology that 
"celebrates girl-power which is mostly beautiful under authority to a father or husband and of course constituted authority starting from the family as a Nigerian" and where a girl is taught to fight for what she wants and to never stop learning, enduring, working hard, keeping faith and being crystal clear that there is a greatness in her that nobody can outshine. A girl's approach to life and circumstances must remain feminine and with value-based intelligence.

I will teach any girl that...
My unheard story can lend a voice in that direction.

I am happy that here in Nigeria, we can aspire without boundaries and we are listening to, and reverred only if we are sure and resilient to succeed and have the right attitude.
What ever that ideology is, that is me.
You see, it is not feminist, or chauvinist or anything in-between...we are defining it everyday.
Cheers to the women and men that can relate. 

What is on your mind? Mind to share?