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Africans and Survival Mentality: A Cause To Ponder for Developmental Strides

Africa can't make much progress and generate wealth when our value system is still at ground zero... The survival mentality that makes us show off basic things, want to be seen as successful while we pull down others must give way to legacy mentality if not we will remain a dark continent. Our children will ask us questions!

The greed of youths is on another level... Worse than the elders I must say. We prefer to #pepperdem than collaborate for sustainable wealth.

How empty do you still feel even with the stuffs you call success,  if you want to be sincere?

Can't we just wake up everyday thinking, "what can I do to add value to other people and thus develop my community, nation and continent?"

Why must it be "how can I buy more stuff (that your mates own factories of) and pepper dem some more on social media and real life. Awan packaging abi?

Laughable sorry life! We need a critical mass of value based young Africans to collaborate and with the resources available to us drive development through home grown solutions, infusing our African essence and that, my friend is the way to go.

Are you really in need of Aid or value-driven Ideas?

Jenny Chisom @jennychisomblog