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Being Vulnerable, Learning Mindfulness and Purpose and Thinking About Our Lives at Hive Africa Global Leaders Program Day 2

After that exercise where we shared with people what our fears are amongst other goals and failures, we got back to the room to share how being vulnerable was divine, how we felt free from the shackles that held us because we could see we are not alone in our daily challenges and we felt free to approach life head long. Here are a few hivers that shared.



Then we had a Neurolinguistic session with Marion Neubronner from Singapore showing us how to deal with the thousands of thoughts we think daily and how to do away with the over 80% of the thoughts that are usually negative. She explored silence, meditation, controlled breathing for our emotional reactions amongst other tips for leaders to win every day by being calm and productive.
Her Talk was on peak performance. She is a peak performance corporate and life coach that show leaders how they can manage their emotional selfs, they lead better.The session was via Skype.

And we all took a photo with her on screen...Yay...creative right?

The Timi Olagunju took us on a session titled "How To Achieve Mindfulness and Presence". The topic explored how we as CEOs must concentrate by clarifying our goals, focusing on it and monitoring trends to innovate and stay on topic of our game. Mindfulness he said is the foundation upon which you can build ambience. Minfulness and the pillars of leadership involve, leading from within, leading self and others. Leading by example is only possible when there is self leadership. 
In his words "don't get stuck on your long term goal and not innovate with the present". 

Then Tarinna Olley did a brief talk on "Transforming your mind: how you can get to your purpose by what you think. She took time to explain what purpose really is and how to find out what it is for anyone. She also emphasised healthy relationships, integrity, fair practices, mindshift/thinking possibilities, be amenable to change, serve mankind and drive equality amongst other factors.

Then we began thinking through and filling out our "Design Your Life" workbook with the guidance of Tarinna Olley and Tricia Teague, Hive Alumnae. That moment when your life just flashing by you through deep thinking. Wow

Continue to learn about our Day 2 activities on the next post...


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