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Easter Holidays are Here: How Are you spending it?

It's Easter holidays boss,

Yay! I am practically singing away in my flat. Since I am alone and my best friend travelled out of town, I have been spending the day chatting a bit with my brother who came visiting and gadget-showing. He has gone and i have been watching vlogs especially my favourites Shirley Eniang and Toke Makinwa.

All I feel as work shuts down tonight ushering in the amazing easter holidays from tomorrow, is the "Happy Easter" vibes and hope you get all the love that this season signifies.

See some reasons why I am happy and fulfilled to rock this holiday, even though I will be in choir rehearsals half day tomorrow...

I have two parties to attend by the same person this Easter... and I was invited specially...Yay!

I just finished publishing a book, actually my first autobiography for a client...and I delivered it to them yesterday to their delight...(such joy when clients are happy)

Books for editing are always in the loop ...but I do not bother much about clients who do not I rest more with my team...yes!

And I plan to switch things a bit with my Youtube videos...after 9 episodes...(Have you been watching?

Who is having some fun too this Easter?

#GirlTime #EasterWins #JesusGirl This sacrifice Jesus paid for me though...I can't get enough of his Love till eternity!

What are you doing this Easter though? Share...