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Hive Africa Final Day with Obi Brown, Fola Olagunji-David, Emeka Ossai, Nasir Yammama, Ola Brown, Denis Okurmu, Tarinna Olley, Tricia Teague, others

The day started with so much excitement in the air as Denis Okurmu led the Breathing and visualisation exercise..he has so much energy!

Tricia Teague was on hand to share what to expect in the day and asked for the personal experiences of some participants in line with their work...

First person to share was....

Elvis Kraftzman

Tola Salau


Tejiri Chunu
 Next was a Hive Talk and practical panel session with Emeka Ossai...on "Impact Investing and Venture Capital" and it explored alot about business financing and how to set up to attract such.

Emeka Ossai

Then Emeka invited 2 other technocrats to dissect the topic and give practical perspectives from their profession on how to attract impact investors. The panel discussants were Kayode Oyewole of Ventures Platform and Tech Lawyer Timi Olagunju.

Emeka, Kayode and Timi
 Fola Olagunji-Davids from Ventures platform was next to give a Hive Talk on "Building Your Team and Culture". With a case study from Belbin's team roles, he shared models of teams that can foster effectiveness and the reason culture is the backbone of any purpose-driven organisation. In his words, "cultures eats strategy as breakfast and lunch and ven dinner" . He advised that hiring smart people must be because you are able to tell your story in a way that will attract them. You must also hire employees whose personal values match our organisational values, he said. 

Fola Olagunji-David

Our "Design Your Life" workbook had to be completed and these super duber Hive alumni, Tricia Teague and Tarinna Olley were once again hands-on and patient to walk us through it and this time, we completed it. Hurray!

Next was a very impactful political session with Olumide Kola-Lawal. This was a great mix in the experience at Hive as he showed why world leaders must participate in determining what happens politically and those who get to lead there. From his personal experience as a Lagos State Assembly aspirant in the 2015 polls having lost out to Nollywood star, Desmond Elliot, he shared his passion for politics and why we must not be neutral as that determines our social enterprise and business ventures as leaders. Armed with his confident-focused-drive to go further, Olumide spells hope for the recent future of politics in Nigeria.

 An Inventor was next to speak. He is Mr. Ola Brown, CEO of Insight Africa with the world acclaimed education and pedagogy solution called STEM ED. With making solution based style of exams for every day application to improving education ultimately, we learnt that with the right mind and collaborative resources Africa's education can be revolutionalised. Obi runs the StudyLabCentral.

Obi Brown
 Question and Answer time was also extensive as his product was practicable and insightful. He took time to enlighten hivers more..

And then we found time to cheer to the camera in preparation for the next session...It was almst as if we look forward to a brief break to dance, sing and unwind while ensuring the camera was on us. Total experience.

The we had some participant explain their Life goals and pitch to the rest of us in line with the solutions they bring...super session...



Nasir Yammama, an Agric Tech entrepreneur was next to inspire us with his story. He has a creative tech solution for farmers to reach customers and increase yield and patronage. He spoke on "Acquiring Millions of users and customers through advanced Technology'
Nasir Yammama
Then the simply resourceful pioneer in Air ambulance services in West Africa, Dr. Ola Brown nee Orekunrin was next! The founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria shared her resolute tips to succeeding with her medicine profession and her flying passion and how combining that fueled by the death of her sister birthed the revolution. What stood out was her drive and broad mind towards ensuring that as entrepreneurs we make profits. That is the only way to sustain a business that can in turn help the poor or needy in any target group.

Ola Brown

Ola Brown with Tricia Teague

Then trust us to dance some more....

Then it was close to the end as Hive Africa co-founders, Grace Osula and Christopher Ebei congratulated all participants, shared the benefits of being in the Hive global network, then announced Hive Africa GLP Lagos for October 25-28, 2017. Yippe! Register now HERE

Grace Osula and Christopher Ebei Imong
 Then every one was inducted into the Hive Global community by pitching their life purpose statement to all and in video as an endorsement. Tricia Teague ensured we all got it on point.

And we took this picture after dinner at the rooftop (millie) of Sandralia hotel...and yes, having been inducted, we all got the Hive Tees.

Thank you to Hive Africa Team
Thanks to all Hivers and
You for following us on this first Hive experience in Africa.

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