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Hive Africa Global Leaders program with Jamie Pajoel, Chief Okusami, Dr. Joe Abah, Chris Kwekowe, Sir Kayode Ayanfe and Other Experts

The day started off with video  Interviews of delegates and Hive executive and photo sessions and you can see all of that HERE

The sessions yesterday were electric, packed and very educating. We started off with a Deep Breathing and visualisation exercise which is a psychological stability were participants took breathing with a prompt and visualised light with eyes closed. The whole idea of Hive was explained which is about honey and thus sweetness there positive energy and light is needed for world changers. The exercise set the tone and was facilitated by Sir Kayode Ayanfe-Somoye.

Sir Kayode in Hive's High five greeting mode with a delegate

Hive Africa Co-founder, Christopher Ebei moderating

Hive Africa CEO, Grace Osula during the opening charge session

Next was a Talk by the CEO Dynamic Vantage Limited Jamie Pajoel, titled Designing a Better world. He did a fantastic job prodding minds on imaging what the ideal world we would rather have looks like and then compare it with the world now. He then led everyone in a visualisation exercise where delegates are mae to see every modern gadget, operation, breakthrough now in antique and outdated thus being replaced. This session opened up possibilities of future solution and the can-do spirit to approach the world with innovation. He moreso got participants to ditch the selfishness syndrome and explained 3 principles for adding value to our world in the realm of People, Passion and purpose. Thanks Jamie.

Then a great veteran teacher, Chief Mrs Okusami gave a Talk on the Future of Humanity – HIVE TALK exploring Nigeria from 50 years and encouraging a shift in the way things are done. She took delegates way back to challenging status quo with a historical account of leaders and leadership in Nigeria.

Next was the HIVE TALK and experience sharing from one of Nigeria's public sector leaders, Dr. Joe Abah who is Chief Execitive of the Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR). He spoke on  Integrity in Life and work as a key  to global impact and leadership using the tools of defining who a great leader is and must be, to show his public service strides and how he wins daily. Listening to him was a delight as it brought brought that a Nigerian public servant can live worthy of emulation and insist on Integrity. Dr. Abah is also very Twitter savvy and is the mouth piece of government on public service offerings like Nigerian passport, Drivers' licence and stands against injustice. In his words, "you guys are too smart to be cajoled and made to pay illegal fees for public services". He took his time to give delegates official rates for Identities to our delight.

 And yes he was gracious to have lunch with Hivers where he took multiple questions and answered them satisfactorily. He became a sort of the President of Nigeria that young people could see and relate to on all matters affecting public citizenship life. It was such a delight.

Dr. Abah with Hiver Joy Oballum
           (More of his pictures with delegates will be here soon.)

Remember the techy guy, Chris who turned down job offers from Miscrosoft and other silicon valley companies opting to start and run his own tech company? Here he is. Chris Kwekowe of Slatecube
He is passionate about Technology and was first fascinated about Facebook and started coding to build such sites. He has been supported up to the tune of 150, 000 dollars for his tech start up in grants. He has been privileged to meet Obama, attend Harvard, MIT and is heading to Stanford soon having built a tech start up from scratch and helping brands and individuals to grow.
He explained the variety of opportunities that abound in leveraging technology in any kind of business and said hivers do not need coding knowledge to leverage technology and make lots of money.

Great, right?

Future will always be mobile but we must start from what already exists. With 78% internet penetration of internet in urban areas, and a gradual spread into the rural,  business leveraging on tech can effective sell and grow wealth in a short time. I mean, he is a living example. Thanks for the Heads-up Chris.

More from Day 1 session coming up in a bit.