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I Am Sorry For My Brother's Wife - Deji Irawo

I can't count how many times I have heard this comment from tear filled ladies after my men intensive courses.

In my response to a lady on tweeter yesterday who called many men "clueless",i stated that these "clueless" men were raised by the same parents who raised "excellent" daughters.
The boy child problem is a parenting failure,many homes didn't intentionally train boys to become responsible men like they trained the girls to become great home makers and confident achievers.

Our men are a reflection of a broken family system that is unable to produce strong and confident males to lead society.
I honestly think society should stop this hypocrisy, many ladies have openly admitted their brothers had a rough&dysfunctional upbringing that will affect their relationships with women in the future.

I hear some women say I can't marry a guy like my brother for one day,that already confirms their family has raised a dysfunctional male that will traumatize females everywhere he goes.

We need to start the boy conversation now.

NB: This event is coming up in Abuja.

(Don't you just agree with Deji?)


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