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Ike Ani: The ‘Man’ and His Potential

Man from birth is a special being as everything about him has a link to other constituents of nature around him. We can conclude therefore that man needs to be serious with life since he has a lot of influence over the world around him? Man by nature has a loin whether he chooses to have or not. His loin includes his friends, family and more. When a man finds his place in purpose and pursues it, he becomes a blessing to himself and everyone connected to him by relationship (loins). 
But when he fails, anyone related to him are usually considered as persons who are of same level of lifestyle with him. So as a man, what type would  you like to be categorized under? I guess the first would be your choice and guess what? There is a road to it. I will point a few out in this article today. Read on.

When a child is born a male or female,
if you observe well, there are names peculiar to the male and female genders alone. Why? Is it just to differentiate them as male from female? No!!! it goes way beyond that. The essence of different names means different paths to glory as every human has a unique purpose to fulfill in life. Somehow, the name given you by your parents has a way of seeming true in all stages of your life till date. Check it out closely. So if your name aren’t a good one, I think you should have a ‘change of name’.

So let’s get down to some quick tips on how to get the potentials embedded in you working on a daily basis.

Try and discover your natural gifts:
Is the word ‘gift’ confusing you? Well here is what i mean by that. Gift in this context, simply means the natural endowment by nature that you have from birth. There are certain things you must have found out about yourself that you can do stress free that others around struggle to do. Could that be a potential you have been ignoring for years? Sit down and think about these things and see how they can become a lifetime business that will showcase you to your world. Don’t be lazy about this. Get to work!!!!

    Work on your art:
What is your art? The skills, talents/gifts that you have are your art. Beat on your craft day and night to see how you can make these things work. Don’t give up even when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel of your struggle but would you rather go way back down? Of course not so, why not continue working hard on these things as they wait on you to give them life. You actually give your potentials life when you put them to work. So will you let yours die or live?

     Connect with Like Minds:
No man can survive as an island. You need others around you to do more in your environment. So why not hook up with the right teammates that can change your life for good on a daily basis? In team work, you learn new ideas and strategies that will change your life forever. Start hooking up!!!!!

About The Writer
Name: Ike Ani
twitter: @officialIkeani