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Linus Okorie, Naomi Osemedua, Zuby Onwuta at the Hive Africa Global Leaders Program: The Casalinda Effect and Day 2 Reviews

We got back from the Abuja Park and Zoo and immediately went into a powerful Leadership session with Linus Okorie, a pioneer Leadership consultant. He spoke on the topic "Integrity in life and work as key to global impact and leadership" with which he took us on a journey on how integrity is at the core of leadership. Quoting Dr. Myles Munroe's leadership definition and the need for vision, he emphasised that Integrity is a Leadership capital component that cannot be ignored. 

Linus Okorie

The vision activity with Linus Okorie...great illustration

And Africa's Queen of Live stream Naomi Osemedua was also hands on to give a very inspiring Hive Talk. She, using her life journey example spoke on "Realigning Your Purpose and Goals" and it was off da hook. As a multitasking mother, wife, live stream entrepreneur she was able to inspire hope encouraging leaders to make right choices especially in marriage and also focus on living life on purpose despite the challenges.

Yea, she is an expectant mum and is married with 3 boys already

And Yes Naomi made us dance round room before starting her session. It was so refreshing...

We took a photo break to lounge with this great woman and yes we danced some more...

Then another amazing phenomenon hit us immediately after and it was from Inventor Zuby Onwuta who took us through the "Think and Zoom" journey. That is an app he made for people like him with degenerative eye defects as well as for the blind. Just check out this guy on Facebook and Instagram and get into this wonderment. We were privileged to have him share with us through skype. His topic was "Turning Personal problems Into Global Solutions" and that is exactly what he has done. So what is your excuse?

Zuby Onwuta

And then we took the final break for the day to another part of town, to dance to some salsa, network some more and have a well deserved Hive-format dinner. It was at Casalinda Hotel, Wuse 2...Here are the moments...

Final day session will be up soon...thank you for following...