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Men Have Become The Hunted But Most Are Not Aware: The Man and Himself

It's been a long time that the HUNTER became the HUNTED

Men must know that the days where they pursue girls/ladies/women for love, relationship and the other things are fast going. The girls are desperately on the hunt and most who engage in this, do not even appear to want anything in return....

You have them in different shades:
She has a boyfriend, yet she wants to have sex with you
She is married, and have been targeting you for even if its a one night stand...etc

They come in different shades and an 'UNAWARE man' who is carried away with 'the chase and the kill' will be rejoicing that the girls are lining up to have a bit of him, without knowing that most of such girls are cancelling him out on their diary as "Mission Accomplished".

I do not care about what you do as a young man, I care that you live life more AWARE.

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