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Men Hosted By Jenny Chisom Blog Shocked With Happiness at their Personality Type Discovery: The Man and Himself Abuja

It was a gathering of of high calibre, so elitist I was even shocked to have been able to attract such with just a girl passion. Men hungry and willing to know who they really are beyond marital status, monetary capacity or professional titles. Men who do not want to go the way of most men....who die without much, except that they lived and indeed were here hustling to pay bills and in death unfulfilled.

They came from Warri like Teajay Chunu, from Zaria like Henry, from across the FCT in their numbers to share with their fellow brothers who they are becoming and to unlearn, learn and relearn the Male Code for extraordinary living.

It was a night of AHA...the aha moments were a lot in that almost-so-much- revealing-night it seemed prophetic yet just scientific - call it the human behaviour effect at its best.

With two of Nigeria's best experts on Human behaviour at the pilot seat, Peterson Adeniyi and Isaac Onoja, and the master compere, the indefatigable Tijani Hakeem participants learned that above all being a man is leadership and has everything to do with responsibility and humanity, nothing to do with being bossy, getting married or being able to impregnate a woman.

A man and a woman are not who they are because of roles, it used to be so, we thought-through but not a man must question himself and find out who he is- we did at the event.

It was amazing to see the biggest invention in self discovery practice in a 24-personality preference types that will guide you to knowing your life call matching your lifestyle without you second guessing.

This has gone down in history that Men learnt and have gone forth on a self awareness crusade afterwards to by all means help other brothers, and sons to take up leadership without breaking a sweat.

An ode to #TheManandHimself event yesterday.

Thank you for making history with us!
Refreshment (Food) - Chipstime
Drinks - Rachel Anyanwu
Prints - Olusegun Ogunsikun
Venue - Isaac Balami & Ifeanyi Ogbuefi
Photography - Osazee Ekhator
Tweet trend - Cynthia Anaele & Mercy Ebute
Logistics - MyCabMan & CEO, Mr Victor
Jenny's Make up - Kelly Edeh
Jenny's Outfit - HadlyKings & Oscar Ogedegbe
Livestream - Oscar Ogedegbe & Ebuke Fred
Designs - Kings Ogedegbe
Resource and Delivery - Isaac Onoja, Peterson Adeniyi, Tijani Hakeem
Support - Shirley Hills, Deji Irawo, Sam Ikoku
Love overflow - To everyone else

And You- Thank you for reading!

I'm pumped! We can make this happen in other states. Too many people to reach. We can!

Pictures in a bit