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Minds and Emotions Entrepreneur and Practitioner, Isaac Onoja to Speak at "The Man and Himself" Abuja

Not many people think intangible attributes of human essence like stress, emotional intelligence, anger management and other psychological make up as important. Yet those are the real factors that determine our relationship with ourselves and others which ultimately determine life successes or failures.

Knowing oneself and understanding how to lead life for the most productivity is one of the best meanings that we can give to life.

In Nigeria, Isaac Onoja has made a lot of us get out of our comfort zones, understand other people and live our best lives by emotional intelligence ethics.

He is a certified anger manager, reflexologist, stress manager, massage therapist as well as an emotional intelligence practitioner. The name of his organisation is "Minds and Emotions" and he is a sought after resource person.

You see why we had to do all we could, to ensure he facilitates this Men exclusive session "The man and Himself".

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You cannot miss this session with Isaac Onoja.