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My Radio Talk about Men Empowerment; The Man and Himself Abuja Discussions

I just got off the microphone chatting with Ben 200 and Inya Ode of Nigeria Info Fm Abuja talking about Men Empowerment and the effect on society.

It was such a swell time and the comments and calls that came in are really encouraging and truly giving me more life

In the course of our discussion, I said something and thought to share.

Can you Imagine what happens to a baby who is born and he 'decides not to cry at birth because he is a boy' as he is told when he eventually arrives...?

Imagine it for a moment....the beating that the nurses will give him eh...

Same way, society bashes a man, misunderstands him, disregards his innermost feelings and needs just because he refuses to 'cry out"....which in this context may mean to speak up, share, ask for help etc

We are not fair when we treat boys and men like they are robots or not human...

That has to change to preserve our men and ensure they live more balanced lives...
Believe me a man will be more fulfilled, and better equipped to take decisions and make life choices and thus women and children will also be better.

Discussion at the "The Man and Himself" workshop on Sunday in Abuja will be therapeutic.

Come share from life lessons and gain more success quotient.

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