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Nigeria's Self Discovery and Life Clarity Coach, Peterson Adeniyi To Facilitate at "The Man and Himself" Abuja

In Nigeria and across the world, people easily become what society chooses for them and labels them as. This phenomenon is due to the fact that not many people set out to follow their life preferences, passions with a view to understanding their life call and purpose.

But also in Nigeria, there is a Life Clarity coach, called Peterson Adeniyi popularly referred to as a Self-Discovery Expert
who has helped parents with their children and of course helped adults alike to 'predict' what their life pursuit should be about. No, this is not the prophetic kind of prediction known among religious people but a record-cracking scientific method that has kept even self discovery experts in more developed countries in awe,

Peterson works with people through his organisation, AR Peterson consulting and helps them discover their unique potentials and best careers, life partners, and areas of life that fit them; so that they can become the best they can ever be. Even children as young as 8 years old, he can handle with high precision.

Guess what, he is billed to facilitate a "Know your life call" session at The Man and Himself event tomorrow where exclusive men will be in attendance.

If you are in Abuja, you cannot miss this time and invite other men too.

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