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Royal Sip Made From Tigernuts, Ginger, Coconut and Dates is a healthy Nigerian drink by Emerald Minez

Yesterday, our sponsor served everyone chilled Tiger nuts drinks and I had one to take away. So I am blogging and sipping on my Royal sip containing Tiger nuts, Ginger, dates and coconut now...nature's richness while using my brain.

So I wrote about it on Facebook that:
By the way, that was the official drink delight yesterday at #TheManandHimself by Rachel Anyanwu
Thank you for thrilling all the men and getting them to drink healthy. And I posted this picture of my drink...

and Rachel, responded:
 "Ahhh! Thanks Jenny!!! I've got some calls this morning. #basedonlogistics we are gradually moving away from carbonated drinks and consuming excessive chemicals in the name of preservatives. 
The session yesterday was the bomb.
Keep soaring"

You see why you should order, buy and drink "Royal Sip" by Rachel of Emerald Minez. Call 07033628277, 07082122187 or email 

Tiger nut is one of the amazing gifts of nature rich in probiotic fiber, is a healthy substitute for lactose intolerance, good source of magnesium, protects against cadiovascular diseases, potassium booster and contains vitamin A and E.

So you see that with coconut, dates and ginger, what you get is a full health pack in one drink.