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Shopping On JCB: Organic Farm Honey Very Affordable Here

Hello Boss,

As I am getting set to setup my Facebook bot, I thought I should encourage you to eat more honey. Yes, honey's goodness and medicinal value cannot be overemphasized. Again the problem is how does one get organic, straight from the bee Hive honey that is not adulterated consistently?

Because you asked I will tell you....

Buy Honey MI 100% forest wild filtered honey from me.

This on-go honey come even in 100ml packs that go for just N200. Can you believe it?
Honey can be affordable... 

The Chitola farms have made and packaged it for everyone because we need honey for healthy living. Whether it's for tea, pap, oats or for beauty purposes or treatment of burns... Honey is your best bet.

Just call 08038994417 to pick up yours in Abuja and also buy in large quantities.

We also deliver anywhere within Nigeria.