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6 Things To Never Have In Your Home

Your home should be your haven, a safe place you can relax, unwind and be at peace. However, to achieve this there are certain things you should get out of your home. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 things to never bring into your home.
Not just any picture, but pictures of people you don’t really like, pictures of people who hurt you deeply and pictures of those you don’t know at all or those who died tragically. Generally, avoid having pictures of people or events that sadden you, in your home. You would think most people will know this, but most people typically do the opposite and continually deny themselves the opportunity to overcome the bad aura from the past.
Old Worn Shoes
If they are ripped, worn or no longer in use, you should dump them. There’s no need to have them in your home taking up space that can be used house better things. Besides, you’ll be sparing yourself the unsettling smell of old worn shoe.

Broken Objects
If it’s broken, throw it out and replace it (if you can or if you want to). Avoid keeping broken items in your home, regardless of how expensive they are or regardless of their emotional significance. You can try to repair it or put it together if you can, but keep in mind that this should be a temporary solution pending when you can replace it. Avoid managing broken things for a long period. Aside being improper, it can be dangerous.
Old Irrelevant Periodicals
Get rid of old newspapers or magazines you no longer need to avoid cluttering your home and to prevent pests and insects from hiding in or around them. You might have read and loved these periodicals but unless they are in some way relevant, it’s advised you get rid of them to create space for new inspiring material.
Clothes You Don’t Wear
It’s normal to hold on to clothing in case the style comes back into fashion or in case they might fit you again someday, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way. At this point, you therefore need to get rid of them to create space for clothes you do love and are more likely to wear. Besides, giving the clothes out to a charity home can be quite emotionally fulfilling.
Out-of-Date Technology and Cords
We are all guilty of this. Sitting at some area or corner of our home, there are one or two out-of-date tech items and corresponding cords and adaptors we hardly ever or might even never use. Why keep these purposeless items in your home? Consider throwing them out, donating or reselling some of these out-of-date tech items and corresponding cords, and avoid wasting time looking for the tech items you actually use amidst the clutter.


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