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Church folks, HIV and God

This church Matter Tire me....

I have a friend who was abused sexually, he became gay and was gay for almost 30years...he had multiple STIs from sleeping with strange men... This my friend is a man not a woman...

In 2013 with multiple sores on his privates, he underwent a series of test and tested positive to HIV too.

He refused the result with faith and abandoned himself to God asking for renewal, healing and total deliverance from gay sex and it's allure.

He got healed completely and yes he is also HIV negative now and is living the rest of his life helping people struggling with their sexuality.

I mean no stranger, I mean my school mate, fellowship buddy, friend and purpose mate... He is also helping men on my group here.

Less about my friend Chukwuma now,  my most concern if for people especially Christians who do not believe his story... The HIV part.

And I wonder, because knowing who God is and the things only Him could have done in my life and I'm sure in yours... I still find it difficult that people do not believe God or know how almighty He is.

What is healing HIV for God? If He has ever healed you of anything before, does He need extra committee meeting with himself to acquire more power or strategies to heal HIV?

I am sure some of us have seen miraculous miracles of all sorts... but some others only believe in science and logic. We as Christians must study the Bible more and obey and do what God's word says and listen less to men and titled men cos I think that has reduced God in our head to just a puppet.

How can we keep going to church almost everyday without believing in the Almighty power of the God of the church? It's church a social gathering? Are we listening to motivational talks or are we just playing our lives away?

If church, Christianity, and even God doesn't make any human sense to you, why don't you ditch it and  seek answers elsewhere?

Are you kidding that your God cannot heal  common cancer? HIV? and all the sicknesses that men cannot handle?

So what men cannot handle even your God cannot? So why not follow men than waste time disturbing us on every street with churches...?

Dear believer, check again, when Jesus comes,  will He find faith in you?

(c) Jenny Chisom


OA said…
Hi, l followed a link of your blog from your introduction on a business network group on whatsapp. Thank you for this inspiring write up. It's great to read this " If He has ever healed you of anything before, does He need extra committee meeting with himself to acquire more power or strategies to heal HIV?", as it clearly depicts my thoughts on those sicknesses and diseases that seem insurmountable. Indeed have you called on the Lord before and rejoiced over the answer? Now, if that was not enough, the Bible clearly shows Jesus full of love, mercy, and compassion healing all manner of sickness and diseases. Everyone who came to Him was touched by His mercy and received freedom from sickness, sin, and disease. Well, that same Jesus is still doing great things till this day. He hasn't quit healing.