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Professional Event Planning and Management With Cross The Ts

Cross The T’s Event Offers You Professional, Classic and Outstanding Touch to All Your Events from Concept to Completion.

Cross The T’s is a live event service provider that prides itself with providing fresh, creative and inspirational solutions whilst always offering something a little different to make sure your events always stand out.

Our services are designed to allow you choose how best we can help you stage your event from concept to completion. Our ability to match your needs to our services is what makes Cross the T’s.

Each project is customized and managed irrespective of the size, budget and timeframe with our clients each time on the fore front of our minds. We work in close partnership with them to offer a service that sets new standards each time in the events management industry.

Creating original concepts and ideas that actively engage audiences with targeted message is our passion. We work in tandem with our clients to:
•          Clearly define objectives
•          Identify variables
•          Develop timelines and budgets to ensure success
Our events are built through collaborative planning and managed to world class standards highlighted by seamless logistical coordination and attention to detail.

Our services includes but not limited to the following:

1. Themed Children/ Adult Parties: Our team of experts are able to actualize your thoughts and ideas to reality. From Barney/ Spiderman parties to, Halloween/Valentine adult themed parties. 

Cross The T’s is always sure to exceed your expectations. We are also happy to cater to schools/ churches etc. for their seasonal events.

2. Corporate Events (Conferences, seminars, Exhibitions, Product launch): 

For our corporate clients, we are able to organize and bring in innovative ways to keep your events participants ever alert and transfixed to your program. 

We also have exhibition stalls, stands and cubicles that could be transformed to suit your unique event.

3. Wedding planning:

From initial consultation, our team of artistic wedding planners are on standby to take your brief and make it peculiar to you. 

Every information taken from you will be handled with our expertise to ensure that the vision of your dream wedding is actualized.

4. Support Services

Cross The T’s provides logistics for people, goods and services to and from events venues. 

We are able to provide security through associate companies through our clients and their guests. Other unique services are available

5.  Consultancy:

At Cross The T’s, we do not only deal with fresh events but are happy to re-engineer existing events or create new events out of them. We are also happy to help you develop your ideas into magnificent realities.

At Cross The T’s “Customer rules” we offer excellent customer services and pay attention to detail. We are open to constructive professionalism irrespective of the size of the event.

6. We are able to provide

Events decoration and management services, photography/ multimedia, Exhibitions stalls /stands/cubicles, Venue selection, Catering services/drinks. Support services including: security, logistics, Entertainment/sound/stage/truss/specialized lightening and finally Printing stationery/programs, menus etc.

From our initial consultation, our team of Event consultants will take your brief and make it peculiar to you/your company on your ideal event. Every information obtained from you will be handled with our expertise to ensure that your vision for the event is realized.

Contacts us today;
Address: Suite 9, Block B, Landmark Plaza, Maitama, Abuja
Phone: 09077111113
Twitter: @Cross_theTs ( )
Facebook Page: Cross the t’s Events ( )
Instagram: crossthets  ( )


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