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Dear Father, Gone Are Those Days - Chris Chukwunyere

Dear father,

Gone are to those days when fathers used to sit, cross their legs and read newspapers or watch television while the woman labours around the house; cooking, cleaning, washing all the clothes, taking care of the children, taking them to school, etc.

Let me ask you these questions:

Is it only the woman who eats the food she cooks?

Is she the only one who eats with the plates and drinks with the cups?

Is it only the woman who sleeps on the bed in your room?

Is she the only one who gave birth to the kids she baths, washes their clothes, feeds and takes to school?

Is it only the woman who uses the toilet and bathroom she alone cleans?

If we sincerely answer these questions, we will find out we are not being fair to our wives. Especially those men who will not lift a finger in the house to help their business/working class wives. I don't want to go into the case where a single guy will invite his girlfriend every weekend to cook, wash and clean up all the mess he had piled up through out the week.

The truth is there is no way you'd try to help with domestic chores that you will do it better than than your wife would (though there are a few exceptions). All she needs is for you to help reduce that burden.

If you can employ a domestic helps to do all the chores in the house, please, by all means do. But that doesn't mean that you can't help out as well. It is romantic when you do the work sometimes.

Studies have shown that children (especially boys) who live in a home where house chores are not designated to a particular gender grow up to value and appreciate the opposite sex.  This is one great gift you can give to your children as a father, by being a worthy example to them.

Men, please help your helpmeet.

Happy Fathers' Day.