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Fathers Are Special

So much to say about Fathers -real, family centric and loving fathers!

A lot!
Fathers are such incomparable beings. They, like God kick-start any families that would ever exist...
They go all out to ensure their wives and children do not lack care, attention, needs and even wants.
That's why as kids and even as adults, we do not feel defenceless or hopeless with our fathers present...

In fact,  we can boast to anyone about how big and strong our fathers are and how they can beat up anyone... Ignorantly as kids.

Fathers are a girl's first love, and a boy's first loving mentor and guardian angel.

The place of a loving father is irreplaceable which is why good women ensure they choose them carefully and as a gift to their children.

Good fathers are responsible, disciplined, loving, not afraid to make mistakes and learn, hard working, live on purpose and insist on raising healthy and friendly families.

Good fathers remind us that even bad fathers need help and encouragement. I'm happy our generation of fathers are raising the bar on parenting.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers and would-be fathers that are aiming to be better fathers than their dads in all things.

Happy Father's Day to all males who are committed to making our world better by improving themselves to lead.

For good fathers we have lost to eternity, we celebrate your legacy today and always.

To good fathers, and would-be fathers alive we love how secure you make us feel.

I celebrate you!

Dedicated to my dad of life,  Pastor Stephen Nnorom Opara, your dedication and love for family is the reason I am the woman I am becoming. God bless you.

To my spiritual fathers, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi,  Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Pastor Good heart Ekwueme and others who have laboured on my life.
To my numerous fatherly mentors, coaches and friends, you guys rock.