Rant: My Birthday Blues...

I'm thinking of my birthday....

Even though I'm going to be training Abuja batch of participants at the Social media management course from tomorrow, my mind is thinking of the best way to enjoy my birthday, receive all the love that day and not give something back.

The thing is, I planned so many things to accomplish earlier in the year including releasing my first book "The Click of a Super Blogger" (working title) on this my special birthday coming...

But now, it's still not ready all thanks to me and my laziness and procrastination. 😭

If na another person book now, I for don write am finish.... πŸ™„πŸ˜‘

But I'm resolved...

To be better.
To focus.
To work hard.
To ensure you read this my interesting book.

And I'm so smelling my birthday, just few days away. I'm totally grateful to God for life. For impact.

NB: BTW Sunday MenTalk was life changing and correct correct men attended. The conversations centred around Love, performance that kills, trust, money, leadership in the home and killing stereotypes that are killing men. Ouch!


So much is yet on my mind, my team is ready, God is involved so I remain available for his use.

Keep reading this blog.

Let me go plan this birthday of mine...

July 5 baby

How have you been jor? 😍😍😍😍