Why You Must Price Your Craft Appropriately

Hello Thursday,

I admire the scent you emit....

I want to indulge you to rub minds with trainers and consultants who are my friends here.

I'm sure you are familiar with that scenario where your advisory services, know-how or training package is said to be 'expensive' by certain people and you begin to imagine that If you probably render the services at some take away price, it may attract more people.

Typical. Yeah?

Do you also realise that most times you have given up and charged at a loss,  you only gave up on your real target market who will prioritise your offerings and thus give you better testimony?

Had that experience? #Confess

There is a place for sponsoring a product or service 100% by yourself or through others just to make people participate at no cost to them (free), (and usually such 'free' pays you still in a way), but never give up on your brand value just because of fear or the woes of a few people who do not see it as priority.

You have to learn to patiently seek out and sell your brand offering to people who need it, because they are always there praying for you to show up.

(C)  Jenny Chisom