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Why You Shouldn't Get Married - Chris Chukwunyere

Many people have jumped into marriage and jumped right out because they got into it for the wrong reasons.

Never get married to someone because you think you are getting old. Yes, your "mates" may have gotten married and had kids, that shouldn't be your motivation to marry.

Do not get married because of parental or societal pressure. Do not let what people think or expect of you force you into marriage.
They won't live with you in that home.

Do not get married because you want to run away from home. You may not like what you see or hear at home, but there are healthier ways to handle such things. Getting married is not the right way to handle it. You might just end up jumping from the fry pan into the fire.

Never get married because you are lonely. Loneliness is a state of feeling and not a state of being. And because feelings are fleeting, you can get over it. Marriage does not cure loneliness.

Do not get married because you have met a financial knight in a green paper armour. Thinking that marrying someone will solve all your financial problems is selfish. Why build a life with someone on such a foundation? The same applies to those who want to marry into a rich home because of connections and social influence.

Do not get married because of looks. Handsomeness or beauty are fleeting. Looks fade away with age.

Do not get married to someone because they are good in bed. Sex is not all there is to marriage?

Do not get married if you are an eunuch. It is not everybody that was designed to get married.

Do not get married solely because a pastor saw it in a vision and told you Mr. A is the will of God for you. Let God also tell you Himself. Be sure you love them and are attracted to them. Don't go into marriage with a stranger because you heard, "God said" from someone you respect. Same applies to Mr. A coming to tell you "God said". Be sure. Weigh other factors required to make such a decision.

Do not get married because you think marriage or your spouse will make you happy. Your happiness is your personal responsibility. That is too much a load to place on another human being.

If you take out the wrong reasons for getting married, this will leave you with an idea of what is right. That's what I want us to do with this post.

There are so many other wrong  reasons why people get married. What are they? Please leave a comment below. Your comment may just help someone.

Receive sense.

By Chris-Chukwunyere